Penfield Beach

As a bird breaks free from its cage, you’ll find your liberation at Penfield Beach. Nestled at 323 Fairfield Beach Road in Fairfield, CT, it’s a haven where you can shrug off the constraints of daily life. Feel the crisp ocean breeze through your hair, the warm sand beneath your toes, and the inviting sun […]

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Sherman Town Green

Like a canvas yearning for a painter’s touch, Sherman Town Green at 1451 Post Rd, Fairfield CT, 06824 awaits your exploration. You’re invited to bask in its wide-open spaces, the embodiment of freedom. Here, you’ll find not just a town green, but a vibrant community hub, steeped in history. Its verdant lawns, shaded pathways, and

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Jennings Beach

Like a modern-day Robinson Crusoe, you’ll find your own paradise at Jennings Beach, located at 880 S Benson Rd, Fairfield, CT 06824. Here, you’re free to embrace the windswept joys of the coast, with the shoreline your playground and the horizon your limit. This sandy haven offers you a rejuvenating escape from the everyday grind.

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